Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's almost time for Christmas Cards!

Or if you're really organized - you've already planned them out! Alas, I'm always so slow at getting organized. But do you know what company is ready to help you with your Christmas card printing needs? Shutterfly!

The designs they offer are absolutely stunning! I love the simplicity of this one here. They also have a wide variety of story cards - what a fun and creative way to add some beauty to your "year in review" letter!

Not only can they meet your Christmas photo card needs, they also have calendars! Wall calendars, desktop calendars and calendar posters - all fully customizable to feature your gorgeous family all year long! They are the perfect gift for your family - wouldn't your parents love a calendar starring their grandchildren?

Now if only Shutterfly could get both my children to sit still, smile and face the camera at the same time! Oh well - at least I know the card will be beautiful!