Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last chance + a free kit for you!

Thank you all for your support with the vote! If you read this before noon today and still haven't voted, you can do so here.

This is what is being voted on - you can see all the entries here:

But today I have another freebie for you!! And there are more free kits over at Brownie Scraps. Sorry - all freebie links were taken down on Saturday, Aug 28 :(

Here's mine:

You can pick it up over here.


Anonymous said...

How do you pick it up? When I go to the link, it doesn't show download links. Did I miss this cheerful kit?

Jen said...

Unfortunately the links were all set to expire on Saturday - they will appear again in the future - perhaps as newsletter freebies/giveaways or in stores as minis :)

Jen said...

The best way to be sure to get my freebies is to sign up for my newsletter - there will be two freebies in tomorrow's newsletter!