Monday, May 3, 2010

DSM is having a progressive speed scrap this week!

DSM is having a progressive speed scrap! And it's already started!

Everyday morning this week, Monday thru Saturday, by 10am CST, we will post an instruction. You have until the following morning, before 10am to post your "work in progress" here in this thread. The final Instruction will be posted Saturday, May 8th at 6pm CST and You will have until 7pm CST on to post a final layout.
Now remember to save your progress after each instruction in photobucket or other host site and post to this thread. We will NOT put them in the DSM gallery until the final instruction!

Don't forget to post after each instruction and remember you can not MOVE anything once you have placed it! Keep a psd file so if you want to put something UNDER something you can.

If you make it though the entire Progressive Speed Scrap, you will receive this: